by Wheaton Hop

Weekend Quickie

Hey, Dummies! Been a minute. Life, ya know? Never fear though. Much like the mighty Queers… We are here!

We’ve got a lot on deck for this summer that is sure to get you psyched. All in good time. But rest assured, 2021 has a ton of fantastic releases in store that are likely destined to make it through to our 2nd Annual Dummy Awards! I, myself, am anxiously awaiting several slated releases for this year that I know will rock your socks. Today’s soundtrack is a likely contender, for sure. 

I speak, naturally, of that delightful German Wunderkind himself, Neon Bone. Lars helps us kick off what is sure to be a summer of fun with a new 4 song EP from Jarama 45RPM Records in Madrid, Spain and sure to be available from your favorite distro.  Dive in and enjoy these nuggets of sunshine. 

Kicking it off is the sugary bubblegum sweetness we’ve come to love from the maestro himself. Lyrically, I Wanted You To Know is a lament we can all probably relate to as we navigate our memories and regrets. But, the true magic of Neon Bone is that behind the forlorn lyrics, an infectious rhythm will invariably bounce you into a fun little twirl of happiness that I challenge you to try to deny. I dare you. Try to not tap your feet and bop along to this track. You can’t stop yourself. 

Following in the same vein is another quick little ditty, Put It On A Rest. You’re still twirling along as the rhythm slows which is the perfect setup to lead you into more rousing and uplifting beats with Why Did You Go Away and Island Of Dreams. Songs that lift you up and force you to groove into summer, fling off your sadness, and enjoy almost 8 minutes of Vitamin NB that will undoubtedly leave a smile on your face the whole day through. 

So there ya have it, Dummies. Just wanted to check in with a quicky and throw you a delightful Bone. Dig in! 

And Happy Summer!