by Wheaton Hop

It’s time we had a Pep Talk

Yeah. We need to talk. It’s not you. It’s me…

It’s just that I have had a secret for a while now and I can’t contain it any longer. What I am about to share with you is going to blow you away. And quite frankly, you’ll be happy with how this ends for both of us. Trust me. I would never lead you astray. Have a seat and listen up. I need you to just listen, ok? Especially if you haven’t heard Dummy Room # 157 yet. Which you must, of course.

I’ve met these guys and I am a sucker for anything fresh and exciting that crosses my path. Their name is Pep Talk. But you wouldn’t recognize them by that name. They’re Young but not necessarily New either. And they carry a Ramone stamp of approval that will seal the deal for anyone looking for a tasty treat. Irresistible, honestly.

Come. Sit Next To Me. Focus, now. That’s actually the name of the first single and one of the biggest hits of the year. If you’re a sucker for a sweet ode to the awkward state of crushdom, you will be reeling with excitement over this.

You recognize the scenario. The angst and sweaty palms that attraction elicits, the dumbfounded questioning and self doubt, the ensuing anxiety of getting it right and not blowing it. Gaah. Next To Me is a song that perfectly embodies all of those things. I’m definitely not getting off this train. You shouldn’t either.

If you do hang, it won’t be considered a Trespass in my book. But play it cool, ok? Pep Talk and Papa CJ Ramone himself are gonna fill you in on exactly what you’re in for if you try to sneak something past them. This track roars in with that true New York, you betta watch your step or it’s all over for you, we’re not fucking around attitude. It’s a rebel with an attitude and it involves CJ Ramone. If that doesn’t convince you, then… yeah. It’s time you disappear.

These two songs are definitely standouts on Hey Pizza!’s upcoming full length release but the super limited 8” lathe cut comes with a bonus Ramones Road To Ruin Medley of I Wanted Everything/I’m Against It/Bad Brain. You’ve heard a few of the guys try their hand at covering Ramones with the New Rochelle’s fantastic take on Animal Boy so you’re likely already familiar with how badass they are. But this. This one is a rare release. So rare, you’re probably shit out of luck by the time you’re reading this.

So, don’t be a dummy, Dummy. Listen to what I say and make good choices. That choice, of course, being that you are going to want to be first in line for the upcoming full length debut from Pep Talk. Live, Laugh, Lobotomy is expected out in September on Hey Pizza! Records. Mark it down, don’t be late.

You rule for hearing me out. Now do the right thing. You’ll thank me in the morning.

Wheaton Hop Out