by Wheaton Hop

Yo ho ho, Happy New Year!

You ever feel like there’s something missing in your musical life? Ever have a hankering for something new and exciting but you just couldn’t put your finger on it, couldn’t figure out which direction to go in to find whatever it was that could quench that thirst? Well, fret no more because sometimes life has a way of bringing you exactly what you need precisely when you need it most. And this 2024 is already gearing up to prove it is going to be bringing us some of the freshest, tightest, and obscenely kick ass punk rock from all over the world.


No matter where we come from or where we find ourselves now, music is notorious for bringing us together. It doesn’t need to be deep or complicated at all, either. Sometimes all it takes is a pop punk burgermag, a pop punk militia, to engage in a full on blitzkrieg bop straight into your ear holes to thrust you into a whole new perspective, re-energize you and adjust that mopey attitude of yours! It’s like finding that missing jigsaw puzzle piece that you’ve been searching for through the dust and debris of all the randomness and rabble of your music collection. It completes us. And lucky for you, I have found your puzzle piece.

So buck up, buttercup and join the movement that is South Africa’s, Kryye.

Kryye’s manifesto, Pop Punk Burgermag, pulls directly from the playbooks of Ramones and Riverdales and Screeching Weasel, utilizing the tried and true weapons of punk rock domination.  But don’t be fooled. You’re not getting a regurgitation of the sound you’ve heard a thousand times before.  While it takes directly from those influences and pays a healthy dose of homage to the aforementioned greats, Kryye manage to turn it on its head and bring a whole new perspective, while incorporating our cherished and beloved downstrokes, handclaps, well timed breaks with top notch female vocals (that at times feel like what I can only describe as a husky blend of Poli Van Dam  of the Bombpops and Ally Bubblegum of the great Italian band, Teenage Bubblegums). Goodgawddamn, if it doesn’t run you over with its power and stealthy acuity. This one rips! Hard.


Per the template, it is fun, upbeat, and infectious. I am instantly invigorated and ready to dance when this album plays.  It’s got injections of silly studio banter and self deprecating humor and it’s straight up FUN!  But with that said, it’s also exquisitely produced. It’s pretty damn near immaculate, really. This thing goes at lightning speed from one song to the next and never misses a beat. The precision of the drums and guitars is unquestionably impressive and you are going to find yourself listening to this release on repeat, picking up on more layers and nuance than the last go around.


Sneak attacks like this 11 song, 14 minute musical explosion are few and far between and Kryye have completely won me over. They’ve rocketed in, bringing us one of the best damn releases that I’ve heard in years and without a doubt, you are going to want to sign yourself up right away and enlist in the future that only they can bring. And I’m pretty confident that it will endure if the fact that I can not stop singing along is any indication. 


So, move it! Go directly to basecamp, err I mean, Bandcamp and throw some of that leftover Christmas scratch burning a hole in your pocket and BUY THIS ALBUM. The full release of Kryye’s Pop Punk Burgermag (produced by Beau Basement and mixed/mastered by Josh Roman from Mindrocket Recording Studio) is available 12 January 2024 thanks to the always satisfying Hey Pizza Records. The physical release of this album is super limited and only available on cassette tape! Download purchases get a bonus Green Day cover so do yourself a favor and double down.  Let’s go!


-Wheaton Hop out! xox