by Wheaton Hop

Your girl’s gone retro for this one, Dummies!

I’m a sucker for a good birthday and boy, did we miss a big one last week! I wanted to just take a quick moment and raise a glass to this classic good time album. So, stop what you’re doing right now and throw this one on your music spinner of choice, crack open your finest Canadian brew and let’s celebrate!

Just today, I found myself jamming out to Chixdiggit!’s From Scene to Shining Scene and it dawned on me that this beauty has reached the drinking age (in the US, at any rate)! Sigh. They grow up so damn fast. And if we’re lucky, they continue to charm us with infectious yet goofy grooves that remind us you’re never too old to rock and roll. Scene came of age last week on August 22nd. Hard to believe but it’s true.

Released in 2000, originally on Honest Don’s (and again in 2013 on Fat Wreck) this album danced into our lives and 21 years later, it’s still a go to for any good time. The same can’t be said for some records but this one… this one has grown into a fine vintage piece of work that still feels as fresh and energizing as the day it was born.

One thing we can always count on with a Chixdiggit! release is that it is sure to be stacked from top to bottom with clever antics and awkward hormones. As Dad gets busy fighting with Paul McCartney over Mom’s affections there in Canada, KJ takes us on a trip around the world where we’re bound to catch Spanish Fever and that alone can surely make for a whirlwind of a Thursday Night. As with any party, we can all get a little sloppy and awkward and Melissa Louise might not think he was good at analogies but my money’s always on KJ for a good time. Perhaps she just needed some Aromatherapy.

But come on, the Folks Are Gone. Let loose and let Moto Foxe summon the KISS vibe and rock you into the stratosphere. There’s no way anyone can resist the Sweaty And Hairless charm of this album’s playful lyrics and kickass musicianship. If you think otherwise, well I can’t be around you right now. I’m Going To The Peelers.

It’s been another whack year ya’ll but just give me Summer Please. Let’s keep the hits going and surround ourselves with the intoxicating fun that is From Scene to Shining Scene and revel in the fact that great music is timeless and will always be there for us thanks to bands as immortal and irreverent as Chixdiggit!. Even if we feel like we partied so hard that we woke up thinking we were Born In Toulouse.

It’s a Friday night, it’s summer and it’s always a great day to celebrate Chixdiggit!

So here’s to you, From Scene To Shining Scene. Cheers and Happy birthday! Thanks for being the gift that keeps on giving.

-Wheaton Hop